Tammy Sent North Dakota Tax Dollars To China

As a government bureaucrat, Tammy Miller oversaw millions of North Dakota tax dollars going to Chinese-owned companies with ties to the communist Chinese government.

Tammy Miller took $1.7 million of our tax dollars

Tammy Miller lobbied Fargo leaders to get one point seven million dollars of North Dakota’s taxpayer dollars to help build a new headquarters for her company – money that she admitted they didn’t need and that would have gone to local taxpayers.

Tammy Miller Never Supported Donald Trump!

Tammy Miller Donated Thousands to Democrats!

Tammy Miller donated to liberal Minnesota U.S, Senator Amy Klobuchar who voted to impeach President Trump and has donated thousands to a special interest PAC that supports Democrats who are trying to take away gun owner rights, defund the police, and support Biden’s open border policies.

Tammy Miller Started a Woke DEI Program

As Board Chair, Tammy Miller oversaw the creation of woke diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs at her company and hired a anti-Trump extremist with a history of attacking conservatives and praising liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters to run it. These controversial DEI programs advance left-wing ideas about identity politics and systemic racism in the workplace.

If we can’t trust her own story…